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Say What? Gender Reveal Party Featured on CNNiReport

7 Mar

About a month after I posted about our family-affair gender reveal party, a reporter from CNN contacted me to see if I’d be interested in submitting our party details for their iReport features. I was all, sure, why not, sounds awesome. What the heck is an iReport? But it’s CCN so sounds swanky. Then I wrote a short blurb about the event, submitted it and never thought twice. I guess I should have known something was up when I saw photos from the party repinned like a bajillion times.Image

For whatever reason, I never looked into it, but Matt went snooping around in the inter webs for my blog the other day and came across it, featured on CNN’s website. So cool. Not a HUGE deal, but fun to see it up and being used by others to get the creative ideas flowing. I actually think that anyone can submit on a variety of topics, so maybe you’ll get the submission bug…

Check out my reveal party feature on CNNiReport here.

I absolutely adored that small family gathering to find out Grayson’s gender and would do it a hundred times over if given the chance. Find the original post with all the details including creative help from my mother-in-law Lisa and my mom here. It was definitely a milestone in the journey to becoming Gray’s mommy.

How did you find out about the gender of your baby? I want to hear stories! Would you ever plan a gender reveal party and how would you design it if so? The balloon reveal concept is so cool.

Happy Friday, everyone!

And P.S. Mouse In Your House will be down for a bit on Sunday as we give the site some update love. But we should be back up and running per usual on Monday.

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